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WWE Stock Dividend Data

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  • Dividend Yield
    2.33% Services Average NA%
  • Annualized Payout
    $0.48 Paid Quarterly
  • Payout Ratio
    100.0% EPS $0.48
  • Dividend Growth
    No Payout Increase Last Year
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Upcoming Dividend Payouts

WWE Upcoming Dividend Payouts

WWE has not yet officially announced its next dividend payout.
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Metric WWE Rank WWE Avg Ranking Notes
Relative Strength 1 year return is considerably lower than Benchmark/Peers/Broader Market/Analyst Expectations
Overall Yield Attractiveness Yield is better than Benchmark/Peers/Broader Market/Analyst Expectations
Dividend Reliability Above average payout ratio. Slightly higher than Benchmark/Peers/Broader Market/Analyst Expectations
Dividend Uptrend Dividends are good, growing as per Benchmark/Peers/Broader Market/Analyst Expectations
Earnings Growth EPS growth is below Benchmark/Peers/Broader Market/Analyst Expectations
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Growth History

WWE Dividend Growth History

Annualized Growth
Annualized Growth
Annualized Growth
Annualized Growth
Annualized Growth
Last 5 Yrs
Annualized Growth
Last 3 Yrs
Years of
0.0% 0.0% No Payout Increase Last Year
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Historical Annual Dividend Data & Growth

WWE Historical Annual Dividend Data & Growth

Payout Amount Calendar Year Annual Growth
$0.4800 2015 0.0%
$0.4800 2014 0.0%
Historical Dividend Data

WWE Dividend History

Payout Amount Declared Date Ex-Dividend Date Record Date Pay Date ▼ Qualified Dividend? Payout Type Frequency
$0.1200 2016-07-21 2016-09-13 2016-09-15 2016-09-26 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1200 2016-04-21 2016-06-13 2016-06-15 2016-06-27 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1200 2016-02-04 2016-03-11 2016-03-15 2016-03-25 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1200 2015-10-22 2015-12-11 2015-12-15 2015-12-28 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1200 2015-07-23 2015-09-11 2015-09-15 2015-09-25 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1200 2015-04-23 2015-06-11 2015-06-15 2015-06-25 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1200 2015-02-05 2015-03-11 2015-03-13 2015-03-25 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1200 2014-10-24 2014-12-11 2014-12-15 2014-12-26 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1200 2014-07-25 2014-09-11 2014-09-15 2014-09-25 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1200 2014-04-25 2014-06-11 2014-06-13 2014-06-25 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1200 2014-02-14 2014-03-12 2014-03-14 2014-03-25 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1200 2013-10-25 2013-12-11 2013-12-13 2013-12-26 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1200 2013-07-19 2013-09-11 2013-09-13 2013-09-25 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1200 2013-04-26 2013-06-12 2013-06-14 2013-06-25 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1200 2013-02-22 2013-03-13 2013-03-15 2013-03-25 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1200 2012-10-26 2012-12-12 2012-12-14 2012-12-26 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1200 2012-07-27 2012-09-12 2012-09-14 2012-09-25 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1200 2012-04-27 2012-06-13 2012-06-15 2012-06-25 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1200 2012-02-21 2012-03-13 2012-03-15 2012-03-26 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1200 2011-10-31 2011-12-13 2011-12-15 2011-12-27 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1200 2011-07-29 2011-09-13 2011-09-15 2011-09-26 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1200 2011-04-28 2011-06-13 2011-06-15 2011-06-27 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.3600 2011-02-04 2011-03-11 2011-03-15 2011-03-25 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.3600 2010-10-29 2010-12-13 2010-12-15 2010-12-27 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.3600 2010-07-30 2010-09-13 2010-09-15 2010-09-27 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.3600 2010-04-30 2010-06-11 2010-06-15 2010-06-25 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.3600 2010-02-05 2010-03-11 2010-03-15 2010-03-25 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.3600 2009-10-30 2009-12-11 2009-12-15 2009-12-28 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.3600 2009-07-31 2009-09-11 2009-09-15 2009-09-25 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.3600 2009-05-01 2009-06-11 2009-06-15 2009-06-25 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.3600 2009-02-13 2009-03-11 2009-03-13 2009-03-25 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.3600 2008-10-31 2008-12-11 2008-12-15 2008-12-26 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.3600 2008-08-01 2008-09-11 2008-09-15 2008-09-25 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.3600 2008-05-09 2008-06-11 2008-06-13 2008-06-25 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.3600 2008-02-19 2008-03-12 2008-03-14 2008-03-25 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.2400 2007-11-02 2007-12-12 2007-12-14 2007-12-26 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.2400 2007-08-10 2007-09-12 2007-09-14 2007-09-26 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.2400 2007-05-11 2007-06-13 2007-06-15 2007-06-26 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.2400 2007-02-16 2007-03-13 2007-03-15 2007-03-26 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.2400 2006-12-01 2006-12-13 2006-12-15 2006-12-26 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.2400 2006-09-14 2006-09-27 2006-09-30 2006-10-10 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.2400 2006-06-13 2006-06-28 2006-06-30 2006-07-10 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.2400 2006-03-03 2006-03-29 2006-03-31 2006-04-10 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.2400 2005-12-01 2005-12-28 2005-12-31 2006-01-10 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1200 2005-09-15 2005-09-28 2005-09-30 2005-10-11 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1200 2005-06-17 2005-06-28 2005-06-30 2005-07-11 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1200 2005-02-18 2005-03-29 2005-03-31 2005-04-11 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1200 2004-11-23 2004-12-28 2004-12-30 2005-01-10 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.0600 2004-09-01 2004-09-28 2004-09-30 2004-10-12 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.0600 2004-04-27 2004-06-24 2004-06-28 2004-07-08 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.0400 2004-02-27 2004-03-29 2004-03-31 2004-04-09 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.0400 2003-11-14 2003-12-29 2003-12-31 2004-01-09 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.0400 2003-09-19 2003-09-26 2003-09-30 2003-10-10 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.0400 2003-06-12 2003-06-25 2003-06-27 2003-07-10 Yes Regular Quarter
Company Profile

WWE Company Profile

Exchange: NYSE
Sector: Services

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is an entertainment company known for its professional wrestling promotion. It operates in four segments: Live and Televised Entertainment, Consumer Products, Digital Media, and WWE Films. The company was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut.

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World Wrestling Entertainment News

  • I couldn’t tell you the last time I watched professional wrestling; it probably was in the 1980s when I was a kid. But more than 1.8 million viewers tuned in for World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE ) latest edition of its famed WrestleMania pay...

  • So far, the second quarter hasn’t exactly been a smooth ride for investors. After starting off great, things have taken a turn for the worse. Renewed worries about the global economy have taken hold over the last few weeks, which has pushed stocks...

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  • World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. Announces Record Breaking Crowds for WrestleMania (WWE)

    World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) announced that WrestleMania 30 has broken the record for the Mercedes-Benz Superdome’s highest grossing entertainment event. For the fifth consecutive year, WrestleMania has broken this record for highest grossing entertainment event. The event grossed $10.9 million and included a sold out arena of 75,167 people and a live broadcast that reached 37 countries and was broadcast in 20 languages. This event beat the previous highest grossing event, which was the three-day Essence Festival in 2013 featuring Beyonce. World Wrestling Entertainment shares were down 6 cents, or 0.21% during pre-market trading Monday. The stock is up 69% YTD.
    WWE Dividend Snapshot

    As of 8:30am on April 7, 2014

    WWE upcoming dividend payouts next ex-dividend date

    Click here to see the complete history of WWE dividends.

    The Bottom Line

    World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) is not recommended at this time, holding a Dividend.com DARS™ Rating of 3.3 out of 5 stars. Be sure to visit our complete recommended list of the Best Dividend Stocks, as well as a detailed explanation of our ratings system here.
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  • World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. Reports Q4 Loss; Misses Estimates (WWE)

    On Thursday, World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) reported a net loss for the fourth quarter, missing analysts' estimates. WWE's Earnings in Brief
    • WWE posted a net loss of $7.9 million, or 10 cents per share, compared to net income of $0.6 million, or 1 cent per share, a year ago.
    • Q4 revenue increased 3% to $118.4 million.
    • On average, analysts expected to see a net loss of 5 cents per share and $116.08 million in revenue.
    • The company reported an operating loss of $12.2 million, down from last year's reported income of $2.6 million. The decline in income was primarily due to increased spending for staff, talent and marketing.
    CEO Commentary

    Vince McMahon, Chairman and CEO of WWE commented: "During the past year, we laid the foundation for future growth and enhanced our brand strength. We have now announced the renewal of our television distribution agreement in the U.K., are continuing the negotiations regarding our domestic content, and are poised to launch our global WWE Network in the next few days. With preparations for WrestleMania 30 fully underway, we look forward to celebrating our enduring legacy and ushering in a new era as we blaze new trails in the media industry."

    WWE's Dividend WWE declared its most recent dividend on February 14. The dividend will be paid on March 25 to shareholders of record on March 14. The stock will go ex-dividend on March 12. Stock Performance  World Wrestling Entertainment shares were mostly flat during pre-market trading Thursday. The stock is up 38% YTD.

    The Bottom Line

    Shares of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) have a 2.09% yield based on Wednesday's closing price of $23.00. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.  (WWE)  is not recommended at this time, holding a Dividend.com DARS™ Rating of 3.3 out of 5 stars. Be sure to visit our complete recommended list of the Best Dividend Stocks, as well as a detailed explanation of our ratings system here.
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  • World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. () announced on Monday that it has updated its FY2013 outlook. The company now expects to see OIBDA...
  • WWE Turns a Profit in Q4; Revenue Tops Expectations, Adjusted Net In-Line (WWE)

    Before the bell on Thursday, World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) reported that it turned a profit in the fourth quarter after experiencing a loss in the same period a year earlier. Adjusted net income was in-line with views while revenue topped expectations. The Stamford, Connecticut-based company said its fourth quarter net income was $0.6 million, or 1 cent per share, compared to a loss of $8.6 million, or 12 cents per share, in the same quarter a year earlier. Adjusting for non-comparable items, the WWE's net income was $1.3 million, or 2 cents per share, compared to $1.8 million, or 2 cents per share, in the prior year quarter. This was in-line with the analysts' expectation. Revenues for the WWE totaled $115.1 million in the fourth quarter compared to $112.9 million in the prior year. This beat estimates as analysts were expecting a revenue of $114.6 million. "In the fourth quarter, we continued to make important progress on our key strategic initiatives, expanding the production and licensing of new programs and enhancing our brands," commented Vince McMahon, Chairman and CEO of WWE. "Although we did not announce the launch of a domestic television network during the year, we believe, now more than ever, that we can realize the full value of our intellectual property using a variety of approaches in our global markets. Our confidence is based on the rising value of content and the tremendous global appeal of our brands." WWE shares were inactive in pre-market trading on Thursday. The stock is down almost -7% over the past twelve months. The Bottom Line Shares of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) have a dividend yield of 5.63% based on last night's closing price of $8.52 and its annualized dividend payout of 48 cents per share. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) is not recommended at this time, holding a Dividend.com DARS™ Rating of 3.0 out of 5 stars. Be sure to visit our complete recommended list of the Best Dividend Stocks, as well as a detailed explanation of our ratings system here.
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