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Real Estate Investment Trusts, commonly referred to as REITs, are special types of corporations that are federally obligated to invest only in real estate. As long as REITs pay out at least 90% of their earnings in the form of dividends, the companies are not required to pay income taxes. Generally, REITs can be divided into two categories: equity (which own physical properties) and mortgage (which invest in mortgages).

If you’re looking to invest in REITs, another great way is through REIT exchange-traded funds (ETFs). REIT ETFs offer a diversified basket of REIT holdings. They trade on stock exchanges similarly to equities.

3 Reasons to Invest in REIT ETFs:
  • Gaining exposure to many REITs is really easy with just one vehicle (ETF), which saves investors time and commissions compared to investing in each REIT separately.
  • ETFs are efficient and offer lower fees when compared to other investment vehicles, such as mutual funds.
  • These funds rebalance regularly to their appropriate asset allocation.

Whereas, if you’re interested in investing in individual REITs, the table below lists them all:

REITs List

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Stock Symbol Company Name DARS™ Rating Dividend Yield Current Price Annual Dividend Ex-Div Date Pay Date
AAT American Assets Trust, Inc. 2.42% $43.01 $1.04 12/06/16 12/22/16
ACC American Campus Communities 3.39% $49.49 $1.68 11/09/16 11/28/16
ACRE Ares Commercial Real Estate Corp 7.47% $13.93 $1.04 12/28/16 01/17/17
ADC Agree Realty Corp 4.32% $45.79 $1.98 12/21/16 01/03/17
AGNC American Capital Agency 11.46% $18.84 $2.16 01/27/17 02/08/17
AHH Armada Hoffler Properties Inc 5.02% $14.35 $0.72 12/23/16 01/05/17
AHP Ashford Hospitality Prime Inc 3.47% $13.85 $0.48 12/28/16 01/17/17
AHT Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc 6.23% $7.70 $0.48 12/28/16 01/17/17
AIV Apartment Investment & Management Co. 2.99% $44.18 $1.32 11/16/16 11/30/16
AKR Acadia Realty Trust 3.25% $32.03 $1.04 12/28/16 01/13/17
ALX Alexander's Inc. 3.66% $437.40 $16.00 11/03/16 11/21/16
AMH American Homes 4 Rent 0.96% $20.86 $0.20 12/13/16 12/30/16
AMT American Tower Corp 2.24% $103.45 $2.32 12/23/16 01/13/17
ARE Alexandria Real Estate Equities 3.03% $109.55 $3.32 12/28/16 01/17/17
ARI Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance, Inc. 10.77% $17.09 $1.84 12/28/16 01/17/17
ARR ARMOUR Residential REIT Inc. 10.53% $21.65 $2.28 01/12/17 01/30/17
ARR-A Armour Residential REIT INC Preferred Series A 8.52% $24.22 $2.06 02/13/17 02/27/17
AVB AvalonBay Communities 3.06% $176.26 $5.40 12/28/16 01/16/17
BDN Brandywine Realty 4.01% $15.98 $0.64 01/09/17 01/25/17
BDN-E Brandywine Realty Tr Pfd Shs Ben Int Ser E 6.80% $25.37 $1.73 12/28/16 01/17/17
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* Stock Price shown is previous day’s closing price.

** Dividend yield is calculated from Dividend Payout and previous day’s closing price.

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