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REIT With 89 Consecutive Dividend Payments Makes Best Dividend Stocks List

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Preferred stocks, also known as preferred shares, are securities that are considered “hybrid” instruments with both equity and fixed income characteristics. Preferred stocks normally carry no shareholders voting rights, but usually pay a fixed dividend.

If you’re looking to invest in preferred stocks, you may also be interested in preferred stock exchange-traded funds (ETFs). These funds offer a diversified basket of preferred stock holdings. They are investment structures which are traded on stock exchanges, similar to equities. They’re also similar to mutual funds in that they hold securities of many companies.

3 Reasons to Invest in Preferred Stock ETFs:
  • ETFs offer lower fees when compared to other investment funds and vehicles, such as mutual funds.
  • They provide diversification in the basket of preferred stock holdings in the ETF, which lowers portfolio market risk.
  • It’s easy to gain exposure to many preferred stocks with just one vehicle (ETF).

Whereas, if you’re interested in investing in individual preferred stocks, the table below lists them all:

Preferred Stocks List

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Stock Symbol Company Name Dividend Yield Current Price Annual Dividend 52-Week High 52-Week Low
AGNCP American Capital Agency Preferred Series A 7.69% $26.00 $2.00 26.8 23.63
AMTCP Ameritrans Capital Corp Participating Pfd 9.375% 0.00% $0.10 $0.00 11.06 1.33
ARCPP American Realty Capital Properties, Inc. - 6.70% Series F Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock N/A $0.00 $0.00 24.77 20.0
AVV Aviva plc Subordinated Capital Securities due 2041 8.00% $25.79 $2.06 27.15 25.06
BANFP BFC Capital Trust II Tr Pfd Secs % 6.51% $27.65 $1.80 29.93 26.25
BF-A Brown-Forman Corporation 1.42% $48.00 $0.68 71.9 51.57
BPFHP Boston Private Financial Holdings Inc. Dep. (Rep. 1/40th Non-Cum. Perp. Pfd. Series D) 6.66% $26.10 $1.74 28.71 23.53
BPOPM Popular Capital Trust II 6.125% Cum Monthly Income Tr Pfd Secs 6.71% $22.82 $1.53 24.42 17.06
BPOPN Popular Capital Trust I 6.70% Cum Monthly Income Tr Pfd Secs 6.89% $24.32 $1.67 24.6 18.6
CHK-D Chesapeake Energy Corp. 4.50% Cum Conv Pfd Stk 0.00% $42.45 $0.00 60.32 5.0
CHSCO CHS Inc - Class B Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock 6.23% $31.58 $1.97 31.88 26.06
CHSCP CHS Inc 8% Cum Redeemable Pfd Stk 6.14% $32.56 $2.00 34.85 28.6
CLV Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. Depositary Shares Representing 1/40th Preferred Convertible Series A 0.00% $1.43 $0.00 7.17 0.98
CTQ Qwest Corporation 7.25% $25.42 $1.84 26.85 24.22
CYCCP Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc 6% Pfd Conv Exchangeable 9.23% $6.50 $0.60 11.29 3.6
DKT Deutsch Bank Contingent Capital Trust V 8.050% Tr Pfd Secs 8.04% $25.02 $2.01 28.5 21.01
DTK Deutsche Bank Contingent Capital Trust III 7.6% Tr Pfd Secs 7.79% $24.39 $1.90 27.54 20.7
DTT Deutsche Bank Capital Funding Trust IX 6.625% GTD Tr Pfd Secs N/A $0.00 $0.00 25.89 24.11
DUA Deutsche Bank Capital Funding Trust VIII 6.375% Tr Pfd Secs N/A $0.00 $0.00 25.74 23.8
DXB Deutsche Bank Contingent Capital Trust II 6.55% Tr Pfd Sec 7.10% $23.05 $1.64 26.67 18.64
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* Stock Price shown is previous day’s closing price.

** Dividend yield is calculated from Dividend Payout and previous day’s closing price.

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