KAI Kadant Inc.

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  • Price as of: Jan 24, 11:46 AM EST
  • $61.42
  • +$0.27
  • +0.4%
  • Industry
  • Diversified machinery

KAI Stock Dividend Data

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  • Dividend Yield
    1.24% Industrial Goods Average 1.25%
  • Annualized Payout
    $0.76 Paid Quarterly
  • Payout Ratio
    25.1% EPS $3.03
  • Dividend Growth
    3 yrs Since 2014
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Upcoming Dividend Payouts

KAI Upcoming Dividend Payouts

KAI has not yet officially announced its next dividend payout.
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Relative Strength 1 year return is at par with Benchmark/Peers/Broader Market/Analyst Expectations
Overall Yield Attractiveness Yield is lower than Benchmark/Peers/Broader Market/Analyst Expectations
Dividend Reliability Payout ratio is considerably higher than industry average and peers
Dividend Uptrend Dividends are above average, growing as per Benchmark/Peers/Broader Market/Analyst Expectations
Earnings Growth EPS growth is at par with Benchmark/Peers/Broader Market/Analyst Expectations
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Growth History

KAI Dividend Growth History

Annualized Growth
Annualized Growth
Annualized Growth
Annualized Growth
Annualized Growth
Last 5 Yrs
Annualized Growth
Last 3 Yrs
Years of
25.4% 12.1% 3 years
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Historical Annual Dividend Data & Growth

KAI Historical Annual Dividend Data & Growth

Payout Amount Calendar Year Annual Growth
$0.7400 2016 12.1%
$0.6600 2015 14.8%
Historical Dividend Data

KAI Dividend History

Payout Amount Declared Date Ex-Dividend Date Record Date Pay Date ▼ Qualified Dividend? Payout Type Frequency
$0.1900 2016-11-16 2017-01-10 2017-01-12 2017-02-09 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1900 2016-09-14 2016-10-11 2016-10-13 2016-11-10 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1900 2016-05-18 2016-07-12 2016-07-14 2016-08-11 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1900 2016-03-08 2016-04-12 2016-04-14 2016-05-12 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1700 2015-11-18 2016-01-12 2016-01-14 2016-02-11 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1700 2015-09-16 2015-10-13 2015-10-15 2015-11-12 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1700 2015-05-20 2015-07-14 2015-07-16 2015-08-13 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1700 2015-03-09 2015-04-14 2015-04-16 2015-05-14 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1500 2014-11-20 2015-01-14 2015-01-16 2015-02-13 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1500 2014-09-15 2014-10-10 2014-10-15 2014-11-12 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1500 2014-05-20 2014-07-14 2014-07-16 2014-08-13 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1500 2014-03-05 2014-04-07 2014-04-09 2014-05-07 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1250 2013-12-10 2014-01-07 2014-01-09 2014-02-06 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1250 2013-09-19 2013-10-08 2013-10-10 2013-11-07 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1250 2013-05-23 2013-07-09 2013-07-11 2013-08-08 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.1250 2013-02-26 2013-04-09 2013-04-11 2013-05-09 Yes Regular Quarter

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Company Profile

KAI Company Profile

Exchange: NYSE

This company engages in developing, manufacturing, and marketing equipment and products for the papermaking, paper recycling, and processing industries. The company offers custom-engineered systems and equipments, recycling and approach flow systems, and virgin pulping process equipment, as well as individual components, for pulping, de-inking, screening, cleaning, and refining recycled and virgin fibers for preparation for entry into the paper machine. It also provides fluid-handling systems, including rotary joints, syphons, turbulator bars, engineered steam and condensate systems, precision unions, and components and controls that are used primarily in the dryer section of the papermaking process, as well as in the production of corrugated boxboard, metals, plastics, rubber, textiles, chemicals, and food. In addition, the company offers doctoring systems and related consumables for the operation of paper machines; doctor blades for leaning, creping, Web removing, flaking, and coating applications; and profiling systems that control moisture, Web curl, and gloss during paper converting. Further, it provides shower and fabric-conditioning, formation, and water-filtration systems that are used to clean paper machine fabrics and rolls; drain water from pulp mixtures; form the sheet or Web; and filter the process water for reuse. Additionally, the company manufactures and sells biodegradable and absorbent granules, which are primarily used as carriers for agricultural, home lawn and garden, professional lawn, turf, and ornamental applications, as well as for oil and grease absorption. It primarily has operations in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. The company was formerly known as Thermo Fibertek Inc. and changed its name to Kadant Inc. in July 2001. Kadant Inc. was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Westford, Massachusetts.

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