GOLD Randgold Resources, Ltd. ADR

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  • Price as of: Jan 20, 06:55 PM EST
  • $82.89
  • +$0.75
  • +0.9%
  • Industry
  • Gold

GOLD Stock Dividend Data

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  • Dividend Yield
    0.77% Basic Materials Average 2.27%
  • Annualized Payout
    $0.64 Paid Annual
  • Payout Ratio
    22.3% EPS $2.87
  • Dividend Growth
    2 yrs Since 2015
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Upcoming Dividend Payouts

GOLD Upcoming Dividend Payouts

GOLD has not yet officially announced its next dividend payout.
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Metric GOLD Rank GOLD Avg Ranking Notes
Relative Strength 1 year return is slightly above Benchmark/Peers/Broader Market/Analyst Expectations
Overall Yield Attractiveness Yield is considerably lower than Benchmark/Peers/Broader Market/Analyst Expectations
Dividend Reliability Payout ratio is considerably higher than industry average and peers
Dividend Uptrend Dividends are above average, growing as per Benchmark/Peers/Broader Market/Analyst Expectations
Earnings Growth EPS growth is at par with Benchmark/Peers/Broader Market/Analyst Expectations
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Growth History

GOLD Dividend Growth History

Annualized Growth
Annualized Growth
Annualized Growth
Annualized Growth
Annualized Growth
Last 5 Yrs
Annualized Growth
Last 3 Yrs
Years of
10.1% 10.3% 2 years
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Historical Annual Dividend Data & Growth

GOLD Historical Annual Dividend Data & Growth

Payout Amount Calendar Year Annual Growth
$0.6400 2016 10.3%
$0.5800 2015 20.8%
$0.4800 2014 0.0%
Historical Dividend Data

GOLD Dividend History

Payout Amount Declared Date Ex-Dividend Date Record Date Pay Date ▼ Qualified Dividend? Payout Type Frequency
$0.6400 2016-03-17 2016-03-18 2016-06-07 Unknown Regular Annual
$0.5800 2015-03-12 2015-03-13 2015-06-09 Unknown Regular Annual
$0.4800 2014-03-12 2014-03-14 2014-06-06 Unknown Regular Annual
$0.4800 2013-05-08 2013-05-10 2013-06-03 Unknown Regular Annual
$0.3800 2012-05-10 2012-05-14 2012-05-29 Unknown Regular Annual
$0.1800 2011-05-13 2011-06-01 Unknown Regular Annual
$0.1530 2010-02-24 2010-02-26 2010-03-23 Unknown Regular Annual
$0.1200 2009-02-25 2009-02-27 2009-03-24 Unknown Regular Annual
$0.1060 2008-02-13 2008-02-15 2008-03-13 Unknown Regular Annual
$0.0880 2007-02-14 2007-02-16 2007-03-15 Unknown Unknown unknown
2-for-1 2004-06-15 2004-06-10 2004-06-14 NM Stock Split NM
2-for-1 2003-03-11 2003-03-07 2003-03-10 NM Stock Split NM
$0.0500 1995-01-20 1995-01-30 1995-02-03 1995-03-01 Unknown Regular Quarter
$0.0375 1994-12-20 1994-12-27 1994-12-30 1995-01-25 Unknown Regular Quarter
$0.0375 1994-09-22 1994-09-27 1994-09-30 1994-10-26 Unknown Regular Quarter
$0.0375 1994-06-14 1994-06-24 1994-06-30 1994-07-27 Unknown Special N/A
$0.0375 1994-06-14 1994-06-24 1994-06-30 1994-07-27 Unknown Regular Quarter
$0.0375 1994-03-18 1994-03-25 1994-03-31 1994-04-29 Unknown Regular Quarter
$0.0250 1993-12-17 1993-12-27 1993-12-31 1994-01-26 Unknown Regular Quarter
$0.0250 1993-09-16 1993-09-24 1993-09-30 1993-10-29 Unknown Regular Quarter
$0.0250 1993-06-15 1993-06-24 1993-06-30 1993-07-28 Unknown Special N/A
$0.0250 1993-06-15 1993-06-24 1993-06-30 1993-07-28 Unknown Regular Quarter
$0.0250 1993-03-16 1993-03-25 1993-03-31 1993-04-28 Unknown Regular Quarter
$0.0125 1992-12-15 1992-12-28 1992-12-31 1993-01-27 Unknown Regular Quarter

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Company Profile

GOLD Company Profile

Exchange: NASDAQ
Sector: Basic Materials
Industry: Gold

This company engages in the exploration and mining of gold deposits in west and central Africa. The company holds a 80% controlling interest in the Loulo mine and Gounkoto mine, as well as a 50% interest in Morila mine located in Mali; a 89% controlling interest in the Tongon mine located in the neighboring country of Côte d’Ivoire; a 83.25% controlling interest in the Massawa project in Senegal; and a 45% interest in the Kibali project, which is located in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As of December 31, 2011, it had proven and probable reserves of 16.28 million ounces of gold. The company was founded in 1995 and is based in St. Helier, the Channel Islands.

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