Dividend Education

Dividend Guide

Dividend stocks have long been seen as a sort of safehaven for investors looking for steady, long-term returns on their hard-earned money. Dividend.com is proud to bring you this informational section about dividend stocks.

In the Dividend Stock Library, you will find facts about dividends, advice about how and when to invest, and answers to commonly-asked questions regarding dividend stocks.

Introduction to Dividends

If you're new to dividend investing, this is the place to start. Learn what dividends are, how they're paid, and why theyre so important for long-term investors. More »

Dividend Yield

One of the most important factors to consider when buying dividend stocks is dividend yield. A stock's yield represents the annual rate of return you'll get in the form of dividend payouts. More »

Dividend Dates

Dividend dates let you know when to expect your dividend payouts, when you'll need to own a stock by in order to receive the next scheduled dividend, and much more. More »